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pass the flask

and close your eyes

screamo emo for life yo
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About pure_scrEmo

this is a community for people who love EMO/SCREAMO music you can tell stories, show pitures, give updates on events... but only after you are approved of course.. it is a rated community because we dont want ass holes in here that dont know what they are talking about.

14+ if you are younger then 14 your application will be thrown out.

this is a rating community.. if you apply here we will be harsh and we are judging your personality, and most importantly the music so make sure and fill out the application with true answers that have some interesting thought.

RULES read them!

-if you post negative things about the community you will be banned
-i dont want petty little arguments either.
-make sure application is under lj cut..
-to be accepted you have to get at least 2 mod yes' and at least 6 yes' from other people or 10 of either yes or no.
-once you are accepted write "stamped" and the top of your posts
-until then write "pure scrEmo"
-MODS when you vote put "MODS(yes/no)in the subject line"
-everyone else put yes/no in the subject line.
-if its not about music..or and app. then dont post it.
-dont reply to every yes/no asking why or saying thank you.
-no racist or sexist or any other crap like that in this community..if we see any you will be banned.
-if youre going to start an argument here then finish it here....if someone questions what you say...defend yourself please...for the sake of keeping the community interesting!!
-do NOT base your yes/no decision on how someone looks! this community is about music, and the pictures are just extra

when you fill out your application either bold your answers or the questions

here is the el jay cut bitches.. for you who dont know how to do it. there is no excuse now.. just take out all the '*' ... and make sure your app./post is UNDER the code. not above it..

<*lj-cut text="pure_scrEmo"*>

if you need help with lj cuts STILL or posting pictures.. or anything else feel free to im me on my aim sn= frayedandfolded
or comment on my journal if you dont have aim.



favorite color:
favorite animal:
favorite movies:
favorite tv shows:
why do you want to join the community:


music?(at least 10 bands):
favorite band of all time:
first band that you ever remember liking(even if its not screamo):
do you know any band members?if yes who:
is there a local band you would like to promote?:
whats your reason for listening to scrEmo music:
best show youve been to:
last show you were at:
how long have you listen to this type of music?:
go open your cd player and tell me the cd(s) that are inside:
favortie singer AND/OR guitarist AND/OR bassist AND/OR drummer?:
-whos the first person that comes to mind when i say...
bass guitar:
lead singer:

PROMOTE IN ONE COMMUNITY or in 3 different peoples journals I WILL CHECK IT TOO post the links here:

PICTURES are optional.. but they do give you extra points if we like them.. it can be art too of any kind.. including band picture that you took at a concert, or of yourself.
if you choose to add pictures put at least 3 no more then 10

if you have ideas for more or want to help out with these please do





credits for banners/layout help/etc.